How to look slimmer in a dress

For my first fashion tips on this blog I will share what I’ve learned on continues reading and studying which coming from other good fashion resources and the first was “How to look slimmer in wearing dress”. No matter what shape your body was it’s a crucial thing to choose a clothes or dress that would fit enough to your type of body which would highlight the beauty within you. Usually when we are buying clothes we want items that emphasize the good curves of our body and hide those not well in the eye of the others.

For those who had heavier on the bottom which is around your thighs and butt, go for empire waist styles, as well as sun dresses, and wearing belt would be much perfect. This will create an illusion of being slim and fit bottom because it emphasizes your waist. Another trick you should know is by putting on some shoe heels like silhouette as additional height to feel sexy and more looking slimmer.

If you have a problem with your big arms first thing to do is to away from tank-tops, tube tops, or any dress that will expose your arms as I said “Hide those not well in the eye of the others”. Alternative way is to choose a shoulder straps and asymmetrical shaped tops as well as flared arm tops. And the Last tips is for those who had calf problem, put on a cute knee-length skirt and a pair of heels at least 1 to 2 inches would be enough to create big difference with your legs. Hope these listed tips will help you to look beautiful and sexy while walking in the cat walk just like the American professional ballroom-dancer that turned into country music singer, Julianne Hough on her empire waist styles.