Celebrities In Emmy Awards 2008

The 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards is not only a day of award winning body for celebrities, it is also a night of fashion to see us them on their glamorous, elegant, and sexy dress. According to stylish Lloyd Boston the event was diversity in both colors of black and white, and a dazzling bright color for women fashion. The dress of the actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt of the TV series “Dark Angel” is one of my favorite among the female celebrities dress because it glows her beauty and sexy body for her dress. While for men fashion I noticed that the famous and well known “Armani” celebrity clothing lines was still in demand and look terrific for them where indeed stand out like for the music artist Puff Diddy.Thanks for CNN for providing a video of some of the highlights of the recent Emmy Awards which I embedded on this celebrity fashion blog. On this video you will heard some of the statement of your favorite celebrities about their choice of fashion and at the same time their expensive accessories like on the actress Cheryl Hines about her 15 million dollar ring. Anyway on my opinion, no matter how popular a celebrity which means they can afford to choice for her/him to look at their best, some of them still end up worst on their choice of fashion. That’s all for now… Let us wait for the next Emmy Awards 2009 about on how they still and improve their choice of fashion which they will share it on us.